IRH-ICUB Events, 2-5 May

IRH-ICUB is is proud to announce the fellowships awarded in April 2017 for Young Researchers and Visiting Professors.

We welcome applications for the ICUB Fellowship for Young Researchers and the ICUB Young Researchers Grant (University of Bucharest) until 31 May, for the October/November evaluation panel.

IRH-ICUB is pleased to welcome our visinting professors, Thomas J. Cousineau and Dimitris Michalopoulos.

IRH-ICUB workshop series
The grant proposal: from research design to writing strategies

Thursday, 4 May, 11h – Roundtable discussion on Grant Writing

This series of workshops aims to provide a venue for humanities and social sciences researchers to meet, share their experiences, receive hands-on advice on grant writing, and collaborate on their grant applications for national and European calls. The series is addressed primarily to researchers in the early stages of their career (typically up to five years after the PhD). It is hoped that out of this workshop series a small community of researchers will emerge who will continue to offer mutual support for grant applications through constructive criticism and peer-review.
Conveners: Mihnea Dobre (IRH-ICUB) and Ionuț Epurescu-Pascovici (IRH-ICUB)

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IRH-ICUB Lunchtime Seminar

Thursday, 4 May, 14h – Thomas Cousineau (Washington College /IRH-ICUB Visiting Professor), The Daedalus Complex: Uncanny Designs in Modernist Writing

The lunchtime seminar is the current research seminar of the IRH-ICUB, in which fellows and affiliated researchers of the IHR-ICUB are presenting work-in-progress. It takes place every Thursday during term-time (October-June). The seminar begins at 1.30 pm with an informal brown-bag lunch. From 2 pm, the speaker has one hour to present his/her work in progress, followed by 1 hour of discussions. The purpose of the seminar is to provide a collegial, interdisciplinary and competitive environment in which scholars can try and test their ideas and sharpen their arguments. The seminar is open to fellows of the Institute and associate researchers and their guests. If you wish to participate, please send an email at

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IRH-ICUB Seminar

The Devil in Politics

20 April, 18.30 – Eschatological narratives and political discourses

Convenors: Ana PETRACHE and Laurențiu GHEORGHE
We invite you to a common reflection about the role and meaning of the devil, concerning how it was understood in Christianity and Islam, but most importantly, how this notion is used when one speaks about evil in politics: totalitarian regimes, terrorist attacks or disproportionate usage of violence.

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Roundtable Discussion on Rivers and Seas in European History

Friday, 5 May, 11.00-15.00

The event will start with the lecture on “Ancient sea and river routes in Eastern Europe and Northern Europe” by Dimitris Michalopoulos (Institute of Hellenic Maritime History/IRH-ICUB Visiting Professor).

The lecture will be followed by a roundtable discussion on Naval History. Topics to be addressed: Questions of identity (a geographical expression), Commercial routes, People migration, Warfare, Sacred Places, Cultural networks, Piracy, Health, Knowledge (flora and fauna/ natural histories), Standardization (institutions, trade regulations), Mediterranean History, Atlantic Ocean, Black Sea.

Speakers: Ovidiu Cristea, Viorel Panaite, Silvana Rachieru.

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